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24-hour Reminder

Hi, this is John Burke, and I wanted to touch base with you for a special message in preparation for tomorrow’s big event.

Right now, you’re standing on the cusp of a life-changing experience.

An opportunity to discover the secrets of one of Wall Street’s true living legends.

A man who left the entirety of it behind – of his own volition – to help Main Street folks achieve their financial dreams.

In that time, he has been massively successful, minting new millionaires practically every year since.

In fact, we took a small survey of Paul’s thousands of loyal readers.

From this small, randomized group, accounted for over $30 million in new wealth – directly as a result of Paul’s work.

That’s astounding.

That’s an average of over $900,000 per person.

Now, of course, mileage varies and not every person made money every time or made this amount… but you hopefully can see the scope of what’s in front of you, right now.

As one of Paul’s readers wrote, “My total amount of profit is 1,109,307. Please feel free you share this to let people know your system works.”

That’s because this System – the proprietary, 3-part strategy you will discover tomorrow at 1 PM – does work.

And it has worked, consistently, for years… even when the market surrendered all its gains in December.

Not only did Paul’s inner circle weather the storm, but they bounced back immediately and throttled the market, soaring ahead of it by leaps and bounds.

The best part is, Paul is confident in this strategy, he is guaranteeing you will earn an extra $250,000 over the next 12 months by implementing it.

And he is going to show you how to kickstart this with his favorite investment pick of 2019 – a firm on the verge of a major bull-run that could see it rise as much as 4,500% in relatively short order.

He’ll share the full details tomorrow, but I can promise it’s very exciting and unprecedented in this industry.

Without a doubt, it’s going to be a historic event. I’ve already heard several top-notch investors and traders are planning to tune in and extract as much of Paul’s wisdom as they can.

So here’s my advice:

I suggest you head over to at 12:30 PM EST tomorrow. Take some time to get settled in. Have your favorite drink on hand, along with a pen and paper, in order to take notes.

Make sure your schedule is clear so you’re not interrupted.

And pay close attention, because the broadcast is promising to be jam-packed with dozens of real-time examples, historical case studies, media analysis, and much, much more.

I’m thrilled with everything we’ve put into this so far and I know tomorrow will be a watershed day.

Again, make sure you’re ready at 12:30 PM EST tomorrow, February 21.

I’m John Burke and I’ll see you tomorrow for the Revolutionary Wealth Summit.

John Burke

John Burke,
Host, Revolutionary Wealth Summit