As Seen on TV: Paul’s LIVE
Profit Predictions … From 2011!

By John Burke,
Host, Revolutionary Wealth Summit

John Burke

The last few days have been wild.

Since first presenting the invitation to join Paul and me — for the landmark Revolutionary Wealth Summit on February 21 — we’ve received thousands of comments and interaction from folks just like you, expressing excitement over what’s just around the corner.

In just a few days, Paul will unveil his entire three-phase strategy for pinpointing stocks on the verge of soaring 1,000% or more. Paul has spent 13,000 hours combing through reams of historical analysis, and he found that on average 41 stocks go up 1,000% or more a year. Such as:

  • 1,390% on Axos Financial.
  • 1,902% on 8x8.
  • 2,574% on Trex Company.
  • 2,817% on Soligen Technologies.
  • 2,159% on Tucows.
  • 1,062% on Texas Pacific Land Trust.
  • 2,220% on HemaCare.
  • 3,329% on Constellation Software.
  • 4,401% on Boyd Group.
  • 6,280% on Advantis.
  • 12,587% on Fingerprint Cards.

During the presentation, Paul is going to thoroughly explain how his strategy is able to spot the “DNA” that runs through each of the back tested examples, I just named.

To give you a glimpse of this strategy, I thought I’d share a Fox Business interview Paul did in May of 2011 (back when he had a little bit of hair).

Paul’s Stunning Prediction on LIVE TV

To truly understand Paul, and prepare for our Revolutionary Wealth Summit on February 21, I’ve been reviewing as many of these videos as I can find.

I chose to show you this specific interview because it does a great job describing Paul’s investment style. Paul was asked to appear for a live interview on Fox Business to consult on the state of the technology market — Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and others.

The interview occurred on May 7, 2011. Now, the timing of this is critical. The summer of 2011 was tumultuous — the debt ceiling was a huge issue, and the market dropped about 20% as a result — people were worried about another 2008.

But all of Paul’s picks panned out.

Listen closely to this interview. We cut the original 10-minute interview down to just six minutes. (By the way, how many times do you see an interview on Fox Business for 10 minutes? That, in itself, shows you the respect Fox Business has for Paul’s expertise.)

As you watch it, listen for glimpses of Paul’s strategy.

Let me highlight a few things Paul basically said during the interview:

  1. Ignore earnings … look at growth!

    During this interview, the hosts of the show were concerned about earnings. Paul basically plowed through those questions by focusing on how much people were buying thanks to the “iconomy,” as Paul called it.

    The best example was the $1.6 billion in iPhone sales. A strong number. Since this interview, Apple is up 242%.

    The host even called out Amazon, which had a bad earnings report and was trading at 52 times earnings. Too expensive, he thought. Paul applauded Amazon … and today, it is up 920%.

    The host additionally called out Microsoft for its bad earnings. However, Paul saw through the bad earnings, as Windows 7 was coming out and there was pent-up demand for the new technology. Paul gave Microsoft a buy, and it is now up 394%.

    (In tomorrow’s Extreme Fortunes post, Paul will discuss why he ignores earnings, and instead focuses on a different number. Its simplicity may shock you.)

  2. Find the disruptors.

    Paul recommended two off the radar stocks based on how the companies were disrupting their industries with new technology.

    The New York Stock Exchange (owned by ICE) was the first example. He talked about how they were skimming fractions of a penny off every trade. That stock rallied from $24 up to $75 — a nice 216% gain.

    The second stock was Broadridge Financial. Broadridge is in an old, stodgy, boring industry. However, thanks to electronic delivery of their reports, their margins were about to expand. The stock rallied from $23 to $100 a 321% gain.

Now, I know these are not 1,000% winners.

But TV wants guests to only focus on household-name stocks.  

The point is this: Using his insight and his strategy, Paul was able to ignore the noise (the focus on earnings) and spot the winners (by focusing on GROWTH and DISRUPTIVE stocks).

This is what separates Paul from every other “expert.”

This is what helped him win one of the world’s most challenging, prestigious investment competitions.

This is why he was able to grow a $1 billion fund to $6 billion — and earn two “World’s Best” rankings.

This is why he helped a group in Palm Beach make over 1,500% total gains in two years.

This is why he was able to help his Inner Circle earn over $39 million recently.

And this is why he is willing to guarantee that…

You will learn how to make $250,000 next year
by following his three-phase strategy.

Don’t get me wrong. There is no fool-proof system for making money. Investing always carries risk. But Paul has worked hard to perfect his system to eliminate as much risk as possible, and only focuses on stocks that go up 1,000%.

As he said earlier, there are an average of 41 of these opportunities every year. And with Paul’s strategy, he is able to detect the DNA of these stocks best positioned to begin their rally!

So, be sure to set aside about one hour to watch our live webinar at 1 p.m. Eastern time on Thursday. The event will automatically start airing on our website …

During the live webinar, Paul will even reveal how to get details on an investment he’s been quietly watching for some time. An investment he expects to jump an extraordinary 4,500%, turning every $10,000 invested into a $450,000 profit, over the coming months or years.

You could use that money to pay off a car or even your house, to pad your retirement or go on an exotic vacation or perhaps to pay for a loved one’s education.

In fact, all of the above are possible, thanks to the investment strategy Paul will reveal on Thursday. But we still have so much more to tell you about before then. For example, tomorrow, Paul is going to share the most important number he looks at before buying a stock. You won’t want to miss it.