My Private Chat With Paul Mampilly

Yesterday, I had a brief phone interview with Paul Mampilly about some shocking information that crossed my desk.

Then I transcribed the conversation so I could put some charts within the text to help you fully understand the topic.

What I think you will find fascinating is how easily and without arrogance Paul talks about his success — and how quick he is to remind people to focus on the next big trade instead of resting on their laurels.

The transcript is very brief, but very informative, and frankly should help you get even more excited about the revelations he plans to share February 21, during the Revolutionary Wealth Summit.

We’re very close now. By my count, it’s only 72 hours until we go live, which makes this transcript even more vital.

For now, here’s a taste of how immediate your success with Paul could be.



Me: Good morning, Paul, how are you?

Paul: I’m great, John. Been up since 4 a.m. digging into that health care stock I want to recommend on Thursday.

Me: Anything new?

Paul: It looks like some key people from Wall Street are starting to scoop it up. Big time. One firm just put $27 million down. I’ve been watching this stock for years now, ever since they started gaining traction in Europe. It’s time to buy with both hands. Our timing for this webinar couldn’t be better. From all my research, it looks like they are on the cusp of successfully revolutionizing diabetic care in an unprecedented way. This is…


Me: Wow, I’m looking forward to hearing more about this company. But before you say too much — as I mentioned in my email earlier — I’m recording this call, because I want to see if I can share it with those who will be attending the Revolutionary Wealth Summit.

Paul: That’s right … you wanted to ask me about an investment I made a couple of years ago.

Me: Sort of. You see, when I was digging through some of your material, I noticed a string of forecasts you made very early in 2016 regarding the precious metals market.

Paul: Yeah. I wrote extensively about that. It was a huge buying opportunity for that entire market.

Me: Your very first write-up on gold was February 25. The title was “How to Buy Gold 50% Off…” I want to read a piece of the article that you wrote.

Paul: OK.

Me: [Reading Paul’s article.]

Article by Paul

Now, here’s what I find incredible.

First of all, most people think of you as a technology guy … not a gold guy. So a move in gold is kind of shocking.

Paul: [laughs] Yeah, people do like to put me in the technology box. And I am more familiar with technology and health care than any other sectors. But the reality is, I am opportunist. If there is a sector to make money, I want to be there. When I wrote this, technology was getting hammered as the stock market was selling off. I decided to avoid that sector for a while. But the precious metals market was just heating up.

Me: Despite the short-term rally, at that exact moment, everyone seemed to be bearish on gold. The headlines were trashing it … some calling it a pet rock and a waste of time.

But you weren’t. In fact, you had bought a company called Coeur Mining about a month earlier.

Paul: Coeur Mining was a huge opportunity. It was one of those stocks that I had been watching for years. I bought it around $2, and it went up 700% from there.

Coeur Mining

Me: Now, how did you know — how did you know that Coeur Mining was such a great opportunity?

Paul: The company itself was strong. Really strong. It passed my three-phase strategy — I don’t want to give away too much right now.

But the situation with Foundation Medicine was pretty similar.

Me: Paul, the story of Foundation Medicine is a wild one. We’re talking about an investment I saw your office receive over 30 pages of letters about, as folks started cashing in.

Paul: That was something. I’m still disappointed that we only ended up with 524%, but that’s how it goes sometimes when major market players step in.

Me: Let’s talk more about that tomorrow. It’s a fascinating story that made your Inner Circle hundreds of thousands in profits.

Paul: That’s a good idea. It is a great story for sure about how you can’t trust the media to guide you.

There are so many opportunities on the table right now that I want to share, and Wall Street’s eyes are drifting everywhere else. It’s absurd.

For example, there’s a medical company that treats heart arrhythmia. Their treatment has already proven twice as effective as the closest competitor, and they’ve seen revenue quadruple.

Their situation is almost identical to the investment that personally made me 25 times my money, but people are focused on Alphabet or these other giant companies instead.

Me: And you’re going to walk our attendees through the details of this investment as well on Thursday?

Paul: Yes. I hope so. I think we will have time. We should circle around on everything we want to cover when I fly down tomorrow. I should be at the office around 10.

Me: Sounds good. I think everyone would benefit from hearing about this heart arrhythmia investment as well. I guess the big reason I wanted to call you — and record the call — is because I want our attendees to see that you are not just a tech guy, and that you have tested out this strategy with your own money.

Paul: Yeah, it’s a good example.

Me: Paul, thanks for your time this morning.

Paul: My pleasure, John. Have a good one.

I hope this transcript was helpful to you.

Since this call, Paul has sent me a list of all his investment recommendations, letters from his Inner Circle, his personal trading statements and much more.

He sent me the exact message of the man who made $29 million using one of his trades.

And much more. My inbox is overloaded with material.

Most importantly, he laid out the exact strategy and proof for his promise, to give you the chance to make $250,000 over the next year.

As Paul said, on Thursday — at 1 p.m. EST — he will reveal more details on his medical play, along with a few other investments that he thinks will take off.

Over the last few days, you’ve seen a great deal of information.

You’ve heard from countless people that have made fortunes following Paul’s work.

You’ve seen a breakdown of his exact strategy.

You’ve seen his predictions come true — over and over again.

And now, in just a few more days, you’re going to have a front row seat for the most important investment event of 2019.

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It’s going to be historic.

See you on February 21 at 1 p.m. EST.

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John Burke

John Burke,
Host, Revolutionary Wealth Summit