The Proof in Paul’s Promise

Over the last few days, we’ve been seeing a lot of questions about Paul’s ambitious “$250,000” promise.

For good reason — it’s unheard of to guarantee people the chance to see a quarter-million profit in the course of a single year.

But Paul is upping the ante for good reason.

Keep in mind, when he last shared this strategy with his Inner Circle, he vowed to show them how to earn $100,000 in profit.

A promise he completely blew out of the water in short order.


“My total net win is $120,000. Thanks a lot.” — Henry Jordan

Made $100,000:

“I’ve made over $100,000. I’m going to use my profit to buy more. Thanks again.” — Elliot Dean


“My husband and I made $160,000 on one trade. Thank you so much. We reinvested our winnings … but plan to pay cash for a new Mercedes SUV later this year.” — Regina Smith


Like Daryl G., who said: “As of today I’m up about $123,000.”


And Warren H., who reported “a gain of $86,764.”


“I have a gain of $70,000! Thanks again!” — Jerome Rodriguez

Over $50,000!

“My $12,000 has grown to $65,628. Thank you so much!” — Rupert Heinsman

$21,406 in a day!

“My total profit is $81,716 on one trade alone. I’ve seen a growth of $21,406 already today. I’m breathless and so thankful for your work.” — Wallace Platz


Or Lauren W., who ecstatically told us: “I have a total profit of $118,000!”


“I started with you a few years back and have since seen my account grow exponentially by $120,000.” — Lewis Parks

But frankly, things only accelerated … and soon $100,000 was a thing of the past.

What I’m going to show you below are numerous examples of people who saw their profits soar above and beyond expectation.

We’re talking about $200,000, $300,000 and more.

And tomorrow, Paul will introduce you to one of the most incredible stories of all: A man who has utterly seen his life — and the life of his family — transformed, thanks to Paul’s work. Transformed to the tune of approximately $1.5 million in profits.

Take a look at some of the other life-changing stories in this video:

As you read the next few below, consider that in just a few days — on February 21 — you could have the exact same tools … the exact same means they had to secure these enormous windfalls.

$300,000 — and rising…

“I want to thank Paul from the bottom of my heart. We’ve seen a $300,000 gain in our portfolio. It’s wonderful. Our account is growing, even as we live on it.” — Sandra Roberts


“I’m so happy I took the leap … I have already earned over $200,000. It has enabled me to travel all over the world. I can’t tell you how much having the security of knowing you are there — to guide me every step of the way — to making money so I can enjoy my new life.” — Lauren Meyers


“The past year has been tremendous as I have followed your equal-weighting recommendations. I can conservatively say that I have made in excess of $300,000 using your service.” — Adam Lensky


“Thanks to you, my original humble portfolio has now grown to $325,000. It is a pleasure to begin each day watching my portfolio trending up.” — Jessica Osman

$1.1 million — the system works.

“My total amount of profit is $1,109,307. Please feel free you share this to let people know your system works.” — Joshua Gill

We have over 50 pages of messages just like this, with people sending photos of their new purchases, the places they’re visiting and more.

And again, they all have one thing in common — Paul Mampilly.

They are united by harnessing the strategies, investments and wisdom of the very same person, who is going to guide you to potentially seeing a $250,000 profit over the next 12 months…

While revealing his No. 1 investment for 2019.

A company he thinks could rocket 4,500% in the months and years to come.

We’re only a few days away from that now, so I hope you’re paying close attention.

And stay tuned tomorrow for the real sit-down Paul had recently with one of his longest readers.

Remember, February 21 is right around the corner. So I hope you’ve been budgeting out for 1 p.m. EST to be undisturbed.

This could be a game-changing event for you.

I’m sure the people who paid attention two years ago, when Paul first quietly revealed this strategy to his Inner Circle, are glad they were there.

All the best,

John Burke

John Burke

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