Who is Paul Mampilly?

I am thrilled you have decided to join Paul Mampilly and me for the Revolutionary Wealth Summit.

To explain why we are putting on this event now, I want to call your attention to this recent Financial Times headline…

Financial Times

So, 99% of the world’s “elite” fund managers — the Ivy League whiz kids and market veterans — who are supposed to be ahead of the curve, can’t even beat their benchmarks!

Now, as embarrassing as that is, wrap your mind around a 1998 through 2014 study by Certified Financial Analyst Simon Lack that can be summed up:

With funds, managers capture
84% of the profits and fees …
investors capture a mere 5%.

(Fund of funds capture the remaining share.)

So, investors take on 100% of the risk, but only get 5% of the reward! It seems safe to say the only people getting richer at funds … are the fund managers.

It’s scandalous and pathetic.

Unfortunately, I could go on and on referencing studies that reveal how Main Street Americans have been shortchanged and frankly, screwed over by Wall Street.

So, despite the Dow crossing 25,000 — a remarkable 254% rally from its low of 7,062 in 2009 — millions of Americans don’t feel “254% richer.”

And that’s because they aren’t.

However, Wall Street is that much richer, and then some.

In fact, The New York Post highlighted that in 2018: “Total compensation for hedge fund portfolio managers is expected to climb 40%.”

This is why Paul has decided to host a new event — to share his proprietary strategy again after two years and millions in profits for his Inner Circle.

Because he thinks it’s time you had a leg up on Wall Street.

Paul Mampilly — the best investment
expert I’ve ever known

Now, before I go further, I want you to understand the gravity of saying that Paul is the “best investment expert I’ve ever known,” because I don’t write it lightly.

Fact is, I’ve spent my entire professional career working with some of the world’s greatest investment and business minds. I’ve won three Emmys for my work alongside the rich and powerful. I even met one-on-one with Steve Forbes to dive into America’s economic crisis. I interviewed CIA insider Jim Rickards on the financial situation of the United States, and there are dozens of other “who’s who” of the financial world on my rolodex.

I’ve worked with a team of some of the world’s top market forecasters — a team that has effectively predicted every major economic event over the last 30 years — including the tech wreck in 2000 and the subprime crisis in 2008.

I don’t say this to brag, but rather to point out that I’ve met with and know dozens of accomplished individuals.

So, when I say Paul Mampilly is the best investment expert I have ever known, I want to make it clear — he is better than Steve Forbes, Alice Rivlin and, yes, even better than Warren Buffett.

Paul’s more than 20-year career on Wall Street includes critical roles at Deutsche Bank, Bankers Trust and ING.

But he was most well-known for growing a $1 billion fund to $6 billion in just a few years. And unlike most fund managers, Paul’s fund not only beat the markets, it verifiably earned investors an average annualized return of 26% a year.

In fact, Barron’s ranked his group as one of the “World’s Best.” Kiplinger placed them in the global “Top 25,” calling Paul and his team: “Low-profile iconoclasts with some of the most original minds in the investment business today.”

The Washington Post said: “Investors should hold this fund to a high standard” and justified the group’s steep fees.

By the time Paul left his firm, the group’s assets under management had risen to $25 billion.

In 2008, Paul was invited to take part in a prestigious investment competition. They wanted to see what he could do with $50 million over the course of one year.

He was able to make a 76% return, raking in $38 million in pure, hard cash.

Not bad, especially considering the stock market tanked 58% during this time, and Paul made these gains without shorting stocks or taking on risky bets.

Paul ended up winning the competition — which is part of the reason he was asked to share his financial expertise and construct a model portfolio for an elite investment research publisher in Palm Beach, Florida. He specifically recommended 29 stocks for the model portfolio. Twenty-eight of those stocks went up big time — giving them the chance for a grand total of 1,598% in winning gains.

Word kept getting around, and Paul was thrown into the limelight. He was asked to appear on CNBC, Fox Business News and Bloomberg TV. (I will show you one of these interviews later this week.)

And While the Gains Are Great, It’s Paul’s Character
That Makes Him Exceptional

After spending nearly 25 years making millions for millionaires, Paul grew tired of the Wall Street grind. So, he and his family moved to North Carolina with a new mission — to give Main Street folks access to the same wealth-growing tools of the world’s elite.

And over the last few years, Paul has helped thousands of men and women achieve their financial dreams.

Indeed, we did a small survey of people within Paul’s Inner Circle.

This sample of people accounted for over $39 million in collective profits in less than two years.

Here’s what just a few of them have written:

Made $120,000.

“My total net win is $120,000. Thanks a lot.” — Henry Jordan

Made $100,000.

“I’ve made over $100,000. I’m going to use my profit to buy more. Thanks again.” — Elliot Dean

$350,000 growth.

“Thanks to you, my original humble portfolio has now grown to $325,000. It is a pleasure to begin each day watching my portfolio trending up.” — Jessica Osman

$180,000 profit.

“My profit has increased to $180,000. You are the real deal.” — Ernest Pultz

Up $350,000.

“Because of you, I am now up a total of $350,000 on my total portfolio.” — Leonard Dumont

A new millionaire.

“Right now, my total profit is $1.1 million.” — Joshua Gill

And that’s just a small sample.

On February 21, during the Revolutionary Wealth Summit, you’ll hear about even more people who’ve profited big time following Paul. For example, one man earned a $29 million in profit just last year, and another made over $1.1 million.

Over the next few days, you’ll even hear directly from a man who credits Paul with taking him from never making money in the markets … to $1.5 million in profits.

In short, while 99% of fund managers fail to outperform their benchmarks, Paul has been in the trenches, beating benchmarks for nearly three decades. It’s a monumental achievement. Few others can make the same claim.

Even fewer are willing to share exactly how they did it.

However, during the Revolutionary Wealth Summit, on February 21 at 1 p.m. EST…

Paul Will Be Revealing His Most
Profitable Investment Strategy Yet

You see, Paul is the type of person that always strives for more.

When he makes a 100% gain, he wonders why he missed the 1,000% gain.

And over the years, Paul has found that there are dozens of 1,000% gains out there. He just had to find a way to spot them before they went up.

In 2017, he shared that strategy with a small group of people… and in the months since, they have raked in north of $39 million in total, verified profits. (And we’re talking about a sample size of around 50 people who responded to the emails!)

I’ve never seen anything like it before.

In sum, Paul’s proprietary three-phase strategy is the ultimate wealth-growing strategy … a back tested and field-proven method for targeting stocks on the verge of shooting up 1,000% or more!

Now, of course, nothing in the markets is guaranteed. Paul himself says this strategy swings for the fences, and there may be a miss or two along the way because of it. But the potential behind his method is something you can’t afford to ignore.

Gains of 1,000% means you can snowball a mere $10,000 stake into $100,000.

In some of the most extreme circumstances, we have seen back tested gains of 12,000%.

That’s enough to turn every $10,000 into $1.2 million.

Here is a snapshot of just a few trades that his strategy would have spotted in a recent back test.

One could have gotten into EnviroStar for a 2,091% gain.

EnviroStar Chart

You could have scooped a 1,822% gain out of Abiomed.

Abiomed Chart

One last example. You could have jumped on Constellation Software and seen your stake soar 3,329%.

Constellation Software Chart

Each of these investments could have been foreseeable — the profits predictable, the gains incredible.

All you need is the right strategy.

Paul is going to show you how.

Tomorrow, he’ll be giving you the first piece in the puzzle explaining the three phases that make up his breakthrough strategy.

And on February 21, we’ll lay it out in complete detail.

John Burke

John Burke,
Host, Revolutionary Wealth Summit